What We Do


Bravo Minerals operates an instant tracking mechanism for all cargo shipments regardless of size, value or nature therefore the client is constantly notified of the route and status quo of the shipment at any time - all day, every day, all year round. Bravo Minerals provides a number of tracking options which enable the client to monitor the journey of the shipments from collection to delivery. All that is needed to use this cargo tracking service is a valid Transaction I.D and an Airway Bill Number.



Bravo Minerals offers cargo handling services such as Crane and Plant Hire throughout the Great Lakes Region. Bravo Minerals provides safe and secure handling of mineral cargo plus Lifting Services to the Construction, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Rail Transport, Alternative Energies, Logistics, among others.


Bravo Minerals offers a comprehensive Sea Freight Service plus the traditional Road & Rail Transport Service for both Less than Container Loads (LCL) and Full Container Loads (FCL) for all types of mineral cargo, commercial goods, household and personal effects by the use of Modern, Secure and Environmentally Friendly vessels.


Bravo Minerals associates with trusted Forwarding Partners to offer the client a secure Road and Rail service throughout the Great Lakes Region beyond, for shipments of any shape or size from a parcel, to palletised groupage, to full loads.


We specialize in handling hazardous cargo but with the exception of explosives and/or radioactive materials which suppose the Regulatory Threshold and can assist with documentation whenever it’s required, at highly competitive rates. Bravo Minerals Offers a fully integrated solution to all your transportation requirements which gives you a competitive advantage of knowing that your cargo is being handled by an all knowledgeable team.


Bravo Minerals’ document management system impressively provides timely and cost effective inter and intra work flows for the documentation of various physiques of cargo throughout the Great Lakes Region. Bravo Minerals offers a superb Client Confidentiality Policy which comes in handy especially during the Document Processing, with numerous tailor made individualistic patterns. All paperwork associated with a particular order or transaction is processed with utmost care and efficiency.


Bravo Minerals guarantees the safety of each and every cargo shipment regardless of size, by offering an All Risk Cargo Insurance as an aide-de-camp to our clients. Carriers typically have only limited coverage and we can offer coverage via numerous underwriters at very competitive rates. This module of insurance coverage protects your cargo from door to door.


Bravo Minerals ensures that all cargo imports are processed quickly and proficiently through the numerous Customs Centres by lodging in advance paperwork and with the assistance of the company’s vast network of trusted Licenced Customs Agents, which spans across the entire region.


With an increasingly fragile Mineral Exports Trade in the Great Lakes Region, Bravo Minerals offers utmost transparency to the client by adhering to the Mining Regulations as set forth by the respective territorial authorities and by sharing information with the client throughout the export process. Bravo Minerals’ vast network of trusted Licenced Customs Agents, which spans across the entire region, creates an enabling environment for the efficient execution of export processing at vastly competitive rates.


Bravo Minerals pretensions a robust expertise of inter and intra networks of both clearing & customs agents who are all dedicated to delivering expeditious customs clearance for just about any form of mineral cargo or otherwise.


Bravo Minerals’ Customs Brokerage Services embrace the preparation of all the respective Great Lakes Region Customs Documentation and other government authorities’ forms, arranging Delivery Orders, Local Messenger Service and all Implicit Coordination to insure a smooth cargo delivery. Bravo Minerals also provides Duty Drawback Services and currently has several Licensed Customs Brokers who span the entire region.


Bravo Minerals offers respective Territorial Customs Clearance Services throughout the Great Lakes Region as an addendum to the cargo services that are offered to the clients. Our experienced staff assists in the research of Duty Rates, Classification and each respective Territorial Customs Compliance. Bravo Minerals takes care of all liaise between the various government authorities and the importing or exporting Individual, Company, Organization, Nation State or otherwise. This value-added service allows Bravo Minerals to clear the cargo, typically in advance of arrival, and arrange for immediate delivery to the definitive destination.


Bravo Minerals has Remote Location Filing status (RLF) with the Great Lakes Regional Customs Authorities thus having the ability to be your single source provider and contact entity for the respective Great Lakes Region Customs Clearance regardless of the cargo entry or exit point.



Bravo Minerals’ Warehousing Facilities have 24/7 on-premise security with CCTV cameras and Advanced Access Control.

As a value added service, Bravo Minerals has the capability to handle the unloading/stripping, palletization, warehousing, and redistribution of all nature of imported cargo to suit the client’s interests. Many importers are turning to this efficient method for shipping consignments direct to their customers thereby circumventing physical handling of the cargo at their premises. Bravo Minerals can apply Packing Lists, Bar Code Labeling, Invoice Substitution plus Pick And Pack Service.