Customs Brokerage

Bravo Minerals’ Customs Brokerage Services embrace the preparation of all the respective Great Lakes Region Customs Documentation and other government authorities’ forms, arranging Delivery Orders, Local Messenger Service and all Implicit Coordination to insure a smooth cargo delivery. Bravo Minerals also provides Duty Drawback Services and currently has several Licensed Customs Brokers who span the entire region.

Bravo Minerals offers respective Territorial Customs Clearance Services throughout the Great Lakes Region as an addendum to the cargo services that are offered to the clients. Our experienced staff assists in the research of Duty Rates, Classification and each respective Territorial Customs Compliance. Bravo Minerals takes care of all liaise between the various government authorities and the importing or exporting Individual, Company, Organization, Nation State or otherwise. This value-added service allows Bravo Minerals to clear the cargo, typically in advance of arrival, and arrange for immediate delivery to the definitive destination.